Coronavirus Scandal Exposed

Coronavirus Scandal Exposed!

The most complete compilation of information on the Coronavirus Scandal available.

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Press pause. First, you must “press pause” on what you think and believe on the subject and consider this information.
You have been lied to, big time!
Why did Dr. Fauci lie to us???
Are COVID tests (PCR) accurate?

Did >500,000 Americans really die from COVID-19? Is it that lethal?

What is the media’s role in all of this?
What is the BEST treatment for COVID-19?

If you have been vaccinated, are you safe?
You have been bamboozled!

Unless you want to start paying taxes
to China, become a real Patriot….

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Coronavirus Scandal Exposed blows the whistle of truth out to the American people. We have been Bamboozled by Big Government, Big Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma and some Big Billionaires. They are in favor of socialism and controlling you like never before. Americans and Patriots need to rise up!